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Posted: February 4, 2011 in Angela
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Nothing Beats Cake...except Free Cake

Need I say more?


Playing Catch-Up

Posted: February 2, 2011 in Angela
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Jason and I are sure finding it difficult to remember to take and post one picture every day.

That’s not to say I haven’t been taking pictures (I won’t speak for him) I just haven’t sat down to post them (I do upload them to Flickr if I take it with my iPhone).

How in the world is it already February. It feels like January just flew by! It also feels like a million years ago we were in Mexico – not one month. Wow.

So far 2011 is shaping up to be quite a year for us. We have many exciting plans in the works that one of us will share with the interwebs when they’re more formalized.

This past week I spent hours updating the photog website and we’re booking up quickly for Spring and Summer 2011. If you’re interested in a family shoot be sure to contact us soon!

Okay, enough of the chatting. This is supposed to be a picture blog, not a chatty blog.

Here are some of my iPhone photos for the past week. Enjoy!

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Smells Like Busy Season

This lotion is from Bath & Body Works. It’s anti-stress lotion and it saved our lives during the crazy busy season of 2010. I saw it and thought of my wonderful friends Angel & Kathleen. Girlies, this one’s for you!


When Jason saw this photo in my Flickr stream he laughed his butt off. It’s such a silly thing to take a picture of, a tap, but it turned out so cool. I think we’re adding this onto our list of iPhone photos to print and frame.


This was taken the same time I was hanging out in the bathroom. (What? It takes forever for the shower water to get hot – so I was playing on Facebook and taking pictures. I’m sure you take your phone to the bathroom as well)


A few months ago Jason saw in Men’s Health that companies had started to come out with glass water bottles with a silicone covering. Well, we found two. Now I can leave my water bottle at work (no more endless supply of client water for me!) and stay hydrated while taking part in 28-days of yoga at The Hot Yoga Lounge.


This isn’t really special. It’s just my wallet. BUT – by taking the elevator back up 32 stories to grab it out of my yoga back I saved myself a $140 fine from Calgary transit. Yay!

Hope every takes some time to enjoy the sun today 🙂